5 benefits of hiring temp sales staff5 Benefits of Hiring Sales Promotional Staff

Every business has competitors and thus, to claim your lion’s share of the market, you need to be continually promoting and marketing products and services.

On the face of it, the equation is simple – sell more products = make more profit – but to keep this cycle going, you need to highlight to customers the clear benefits of buying from you. And this is where professional sales promotional staff come in.

But what are the real advantages of hiring promotional staff?

#1 Introduce a new product

Introducing a new product to market is a calculated risk. But with research behind you, the market is ripe for a new or updated product. And with our fully briefed, experienced sales promotional staff on hand, customers will be alerted to the new product, the benefits to them as well as its great price.

#2 Promote AND educate

Customers are wary of change. You only have to look at how people reacted to changes in logos or modifications to a products recipe to see how some changes are not perceived as improvements.

Making a change to a familiar product is a risk, met with doubt and scepticism can be damaging to your brand. But if you invest heavily in showing customers and clients the benefits of the changes, they are more likely to be receptive to it.

With new products, educating customers on how to use it is an essential part of securing your market share.

Our promotional and sales staff can do all this, with vibrant displays and product demonstrations.

#3 Add value to the shopping experience

What really makes a difference to a customer when searching for a product? The answer lays in human connection.

A friendly face, a pleasant chat, a helpful member of staff are all part and parcel of adding value to the shopping experience. In the digital age, we can sometimes forget that interaction and engagement is still a powerful promotional and marketing tool.

From helping a customer choose a product to gift wrapping, showing them how something works or drawing their attention to other products, our promotional and sales staff are the bridge between brand and customer.

#4 Increase footfall

We work with many brands on the high street and busy shopping centres to bring their products to more people. For a high street chain or brand, product launches, demonstrations and sampling are three ways of increasing footfall into a store.

The benefits of this are several-fold: as well as introducing new or improved products, more shoppers in the store can boost sales of other items too. Creating a buzz around your products and brand are both great ways of increasing market exposure!

#5 gain valuable insight into what customers really think!

To strengthen your brand and products or services, you need to know what shoppers are thinking, where their needs and aspirations lie.

There are many ways of doing this but with our promotional and sales team onsite, why not take advantage by gaining valuable insight into customer opinions? Gathering opinions and hard data is something we can do, invaluable information for you, as well as the development of future products and services.

There is no better way of investing in your business than hiring professional promotional and sales staff.


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