Happy Mothers DayMother’s Day in United Kingdom

Just as in the United States, the English celebrate Mother’s Day as well. Their holiday falls on the last Sunday of the month of Lent which varies each year. The history of Mother’s Day goes all the way back to the 17th Century where it was called “Mothering Sunday.”

Often children from poor families were sent off as servants for the rich. It was decided that one day a year they were allowed to return home and celebrate the day off with their families and attend the Mother Church (Church of their home). After attending services the children could meet their mothers with flowers picked on the way home from church and girls would back “Simnel Cakes” (a light fruit cake with almond paste) for their mothers.

As working conditions changed during the Industrial Revolution Mothering Sunday was soon replaced by Mother’s Day patterned after the United States Mother’s Day celebration. It is still celebrated on the Mothering Day date but with a varied concept. An interesting side note, England was the first great empire in the world to dedicate a national holiday to celebrate mothers.

in store promotions Mothers DayMothers Day Brand Promotions

Don’t forget your mother this holiday and if you are planning a special event don’t do all the work yourself. Let us help you with your day by providing experienced staff.

Also if you have a business and want to maximise sales for Mother’s Day or promote any special offers you may have running on Mothering Sunday we have experienced flyering staff, brand ambassadors and sampling staff available before and on the day. We will make the arrangements, provide the venue and support all at a very affordable price. Contact us today as time is running out. Mothers Day is right around the corner.


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