Product placement staff generate leads, increase sales and help get great product awareness!

We have worked with motor dealers promoting their displayed vehicles in shopping centres, supermarkets, retail parks, garden centres and town centres across the UK. Product Placement is a great way to generate leads with data capture, book more test drives and increase sales on a particular vehicle range. It also means that your car sales staff don’t need to leave the showroom!

How to get the best results from your product placement event?

We have learned a great deal during the past six years that we have been providing lead generators to the motor industry. Here are our top tips for making your promotional event a huge success.

Park badly – Get the vehicles noticed! – If you park the vehicles in a correct manner they just look like every other vehicle in the car park. If you park the vehicles at an angle, taking up to or 3 spaces and have them positioned in a semi-circle they really stand out and it confirms to the general public these vehicles are on display and they can approach.

Get bold banners and flags – You want to have something that catches the eye. This can simply be a flag on a pole, a banner with the dealership details on it or lots of balloons but there needs to be something that shouts “Come over here and have a look!”.

Organise your marketing material before the promotion starts – Make sure you have organised your flyers, vehicle brochures, dealership contact details and data capture forms before the event. Have enough of this material stored and ready in the back of one of the vehicles so the data capture staff can hit the ground running without having to worry about where the material is located or be concerned that there is not enough marketing material to give out.

Be clear on your targets and objectives – Make sure you are clear with the agency what your expectations are with this promotion. If you want to generate leads for your sales team to contact at a later date decide how many leads you want the staff to get for you each day. How many flyers do you want them to give out? Do you want the data collection staff to book in test drives? If you are clear on your objectives it makes it so much easier for the agency to organise the right staff for you.

Train the promotional staff on the vehicles being displayed – Do not over complicate it, they will never know as much as you but give them some information that they can use to start a conversation with people. This might be the payment terms, the omission levels, the MPG or the low deposit. Whatever the hook maybe make sure this information is shared.

Keep a record of the results – Talk to the staff with the vehicles. It’s important they understand you are a phone call away if they have any questions but also they can let you know how many people they have approached, what the general public are saying and how things might be changed during the activity if required.

Sort out the keys – Make sure everyone is clear who is looking after the keys at the end of each day

Talk to the agency – They should be on your side! – The staffing agency should help you with the event in terms of asking you the right questions in the lead up to the event about the staff you need. If they don’t ask you what you want and you don’t tell them then who’s to know what type of staff you might end up with! Do they fit your brand? Can they engage with people? Have they done this before? Can they sell? Do they have a great work ethic? Are they reliable? Are they professional in their appearance? Are they too young or too old?

Sort out the breaks before the event starts – It’s a silly thing but if its organised correctly it helps the event run better. Everybody needs a break during the working day but be clear when you want the staff to take the break and for how long. Make it clear that they cannot eat or drink in or around the vehicles.

Need data collection staff for your next promotion?

We do hope these tips have helped and been a little thought provoking. If you need help at your next promotion we will be delighted to help you so feel free to contact us at any time.


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