hire staff for Valentines Day PromotionsTop 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas

When it comes to showing that special person you care, it isn’t the money spent that counts, but the thought put into your gesture. With less than a week to go until Valentine’s day, The Envisage team are here to offer a helping hand with a few romantic ideas!

1. Re-enact your first date – This was most likely when you were at your most romantic. And she will be sure to think it’s a nice gesture!
2. Get Active – Not like that, we were thinking more of a romantic walk or hike.
3. Go for a massage – Relax and unwind before your romantic evening. One thing is for sure, no woman ever was annoyed to go for a massage!
4. Make a path of rose petals – Make a trail leading to your kitchen. If she has great banter, make her think that she will be making dinner. If you value your safety its best to ensure that you have cooked an edible dish yourself.
5. Get a room! Go somewhere new, do something new. A simple change of scenery can spice things up.
6. Free up your day – When was the last time you both had a day off work and did NOTHING? Watch a movie in bed, talk, cook together.
7. Chocolate – If you are looking to get told off, why not call into your local Total garage on the evening of the 14th and pick up a box of milk tray and some dying flowers?
8. Dress Up – We all love a reason to dress up and look the part. Don’t book in at the local Harvester. Instead splash the cash on a restaurant with a musician and dress to impress!
9. Photo Album – Make a scrap book / photo album of your favourite memories together.
10. Propose – If the time is right, go for it! Not advised for the first date though.

Envisage can offer a few fun gestures, from topless butlers to deliver your flowers to a flash mob to really impress your partner. For a free and fast quotation please call envisage on 0844 800 0071 or click here!


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