Meet the Envisage Team

1936673_1209076781190_702763_nNichola Clydesdale

Position: Owner & Marketing Director

Alter ego: Designer shoe-loving globetrotter

What drives Nichola? Her passion for promotions and business

Experience: Nichola boasts a wealth of experience in the promotions and events industry. As marketing director of a large insurance brokerage which sponsored the British Superbikes Championship, she managed all aspects of this premier sporting event. Dealing regularly with promotional agencies to supply grid girls, she was let down on several occasions by agency staff. She decided she could do the job better herself, so, in 2009, she founded Envisage – and never looked back.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Shawshank Redemption
Favourite food – Sausage rolls
To relax – Shopping
Hobbies – Travelling
Football team – Manchester United
Born – Cheshire
Also lived in – Australia
Dream car – Range Rover Vogue
Perfect holiday – Dubai
Pets – Lee
Favourite TV – Law & Order
Favourite band/singer – Ne-Yo
Love to meet – Will Smith
Favourite comedian – Micky Flanagan


LeeLee Murphy

Position: Sales Director

Alter ego: Curry-loving drummer

What drives Lee? His commitment to making the Envisage customer’s experience a very enjoyable one

Experience: Having worked in the insurance industry as a sales director for a large Midlands brokerage, Lee became a director of the Envisage group in 2012. He is passionate about driving the business forward but, first and foremost, he is dedicated to making the Envisage name a byword within the industry for hard-working and reliable promotional staff.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Good Will Hunting
Favourite food – Curry
To relax – Watching a movie
Hobbies – Drumming in a band
Football team – Liverpool
Born – Rugby
Dream car – Aston Martin
Perfect holiday – Las Vegas
Pets – Kira the husky
Favourite TV – The Walking Dead
Favourite band/singer – The Beatles
Love to meet – Megan Fox
Favourite comedian – Micky Flanagan or Sean Lock



Luke2Luke Potts

Position: Financial Controller

Alter ego: Beer-drinking football hooligan

What drives Luke? His love of beautifully balanced books

Experience: Luke, a qualified accountant for more than 10 years, manages all financial matters for the Envisage group. He enjoys all aspects of his job but is no stereotypical accountant, liking nothing better than spending his weekends watching his beloved Manchester United play. Luke has three young children and recently tied the knot to the other love of his life!

Away from work:

Favourite film – Star Wars
Favourite food – Italian
To relax – Running
Hobbies – Watching football
Football team – Manchester United
Born – Manchester
Also lived in – Australia
Dream car – Porsche 911
Perfect holiday – Somewhere hot near a pool
Favourite TV – Sky Sports
Favourite band/singer – Oasis
Love to meet – Alex Ferguson
Favourite comedian – Jimmy Carr


RoryRory McKenna

Position: Bookings Administrator

Alter ego: Guitar-playing angler

What drives Rory? His pleasure in a job well done

Experience: Previously having worked in the manufacturing industry, Rory brings a range of experience to the team. His role involves interviewing promotional staff, discussing requirements with clients, arranging staff for their promotional events and managing our teams at events.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Pulp Fiction
Favourite food – Fast
To relax – Playing guitar
Hobbies – Fishing
Football team – Coventry City
Born – Wembley
Dream car – Mr Bean’s green Mini
Perfect holiday – Somewhere snowy to snowboard
Pets – Dog and a rabbit
Favourite TV – Prison Break
Favourite band/singer – Jamie T, Milburn, Twisted Wheel, The Rifles, The Cribs, Slaves, Arctic Monkeys and loads more
Love to meet – Nigella Lawson or Emma Watson
Favourite comedian – Jason Manford


Bradley2Bradley Jack

Position: Promotions Manager

Alter ego: Dog-walking city lover

What drives Bradley? His enjoyment of planning a successful event

Experience: Having previously worked in retail sales, Bradley now arranges the staffing of promotional events for our clients, discusses requirements with them, manages staff at events and interviews promotional staff. He also works with clients on sales and event planning.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Favourite food – Indian
To relax – Walking the dog
Hobbies – Travelling to new cities
Football team – Manchester United
Born – Rugby
Dream car – Ford Mustang 1967
Perfect holiday – Key West
Pets – Bruno the dog
Favourite TV – Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones
Favourite band/singer – Catfish and the Bottlemen
Love to meet – Ricky Jervais
Favourite comedian – Ricky Jervais or Russell Brand


paula4Paula Mayfield

Position: Bookings Administrator

Alter ego: Green-fingered rugby fan

What drives Paula? Her passion for marketing

Experience: Paula previously worked in marketing and now works in our bookings team arranging the event staff for clients. She liaises with clients on their requirements, interviews promotional staff and manages our teams at events.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Top Gun
Favourite food – Pasta
To relax – Gardening, days out and reading
Hobbies – Eating cake and walking
Football team – Has to be rugby!
Born – Leamington
Dream car – Something sporty and something practical
Perfect holiday – Sun, sea and sand
Pets – Spud the dog and his faithful cat
Favourite TV – The Good Wife
Favourite band/singer – Take That
Love to meet – Paul Hollywood
Favourite comedian – Miranda

GeorgeGeorge Kelly

Position: Bookings executive

Alter ego: Football loving James Bond

What drives George? A determination to make sure every task he is given is completed but to ensure he goes beyond what is expected of him.

Experience: Having enjoyed various part time jobs in pubs George quickly moved into helping organise local festivals and creating websites for events in the local area where he lives. George realised he had a natural ability for event planning and organising so decided to pursue a career in events. He joined the Envisage team in November 2015 and has never looked back. His eye for detail and speed of working has been a revelation and he has become a very valued team member in such a short space of time.

Away from work:

Favourite film? James Bond Spectre
Favourite food ? Wagamama
To relax? FIFA on xbox
Hobbies? Watching & playing football
Football team? Liverpool
Dream car? Range Rover Evoque
Perfect holiday ? Australia
Pets? A black Labrador called Elvis
Favourite TV? Im a celebrity get me out of here and Sky Sports
Favourite band/singer? Catfish and The Bottlemen
Love to meet? Steven Gerrard

Maddie EnvisageMaddie Janes

Position: Bookings Team

Alter Ego: A green juice, yogi, loving Elizabeth Bennett.

What drives Maddie? Her passion for creativity.

Experience: Having left school 2 years ago Maddie quickly discovered her eye for detail, creativity and organisation so decided to pursue a career in events.

Away from Work:
Favourite Film? Pride and Prejudice.
Favourite Food? Sweet potatoes.
To relax? A long session at the gym or a bubble bath.
Hobbies? My blog, the gym, reading and cooking.
Dream Car? A black Jeep.
Perfect Holiday? Travelling around Europe.
Pets? A chocolate Labrador and A Westie cross Jack Russel.
Favourite TV? The Crown, Towie or MIC.
Favourite Band/Singer? Jess Glynne, Nick Mulvey and Crystal Fighters.
Love to meet? The Duchess of Cambridge.


Pam2Rianne Scott

Position Bookings Administrator

Alter ego: Cake-eating Mrs Mop

What drives Pam? Her attention to getting details spot-on

Experience: As former director of a gas company, Rianne was responsible for the booking and managing of engineers for service and repairs. With Envisage, she arranges our promotional staff and manages weekend events and activities. A stickler for accuracy, Rianne prides herself on selecting the right people for each client’s needs, ensuring staff are fully briefed and always on time.

Away from work:

Favourite film – Bone Collector
Favourite food – Cake
To relax – Sleep
Hobbies – Cleaning
Born – Manchester
Dream car – BMW Z4
Perfect holiday – Somewhere hot
Pets – Cats
Favourite TV – Criminal Minds
Favourite band/singer – Level 42
Love to meet – Paul Hollywood
Favourite comedian – John Bishop or Dawn French


Kira the office dogKira

Position: Kira is the Envisage office eye candy and rules the office having all the team at her beck and call.

About : Kira is a 3 year old “Huskita” which is a cross between a Siberian Husky and an Akita. She is a rescue dog from dogs trust in Kenilworth and joined the Envisage team in March 2014.

She is an absolute softy and loves distracting the staff while they are on the phone, eating their lunch or generally trying to concentrate.

Kira’s working day in the office consists of….

• Fuss everyone
• Have a sleep
• Get up and demand attention
• Have a sleep
• Wake up and demand a member of the team takes her for a walk
• Have a sleep
• Wake up and demand that someone in the team plays with her outside (Our office is in the middle of a farm)
• Have a sleep
• Wake up and bark at the postman
• Demand to be chauffeured home

Kira is a valued member of the Envisage team and we all love having her in the office (when she is asleep we love it anyway)