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A professional promotional staffing agency with the power of a personal touch

Like all established companies, we started small. Everything was an uphill task, the hours were long but the drive, commitment and skills were all there, so it worked.

And it’s still working.

Today, Envisage Promotions is fast becoming a leading promotional staffing agency, working with large and smaller business across all sectors and industries.

What we do, every day

When it comes to working with clients, we know that getting the basics right is an important first step.

From the way we answer the phone to responding to your emails, we are fired with passion and enthusiasm for the people who are our clients.

Communication Is Key

Every client is different. Your objectives are not the same as another client. No trade show, exhibition or PR stunt is the same so why have off-the-shelf packages?

But to give you a truly tailored package, we need to really listen, understanding what your needs, aims and objectives are.

You tell us what you need and we work alongside you to develop the package you need that means you reach your aims and objectives of your latest marketing campaign.

Success isn’t just measured in sales made on the day but on the impression your customers get of your business. Our people never stop working hard to ensure your event or attendance at an exhibition is a success.

Because when you are a success, we are a success and a fantastic partnership is born.

Growing Through Excellence

We encourage our staff to be the best they can be and that means we invest in our people too.

We know that to offer the range of services and skills that our clients need, we need a diverse base of people at the heart of what we do.

With the right people in place, we can offer you the best service. And we never stop striving for excellence.

The Practicalities

However, you will want to know what you get from us alongside the passion, the commitment and the drive to make your project a success.

We provide you with an account manager, the one-person contact for all your needs. Whether you stay with us for one project or come back to us time and time again, and no matter how large or small your project, you will always benefit from the one person who really gets to know your project.

We understand that stuff goes wrong or things change at the last minute. That’s why we are a responsive agency. We move quickly so you don’t have to worry about staffing your exhibition stand or not having the meet and greet person for your VIP event.

We are continually looking for new, fresh and exciting talent to join our current pool of super talented people. So when you come to Envisage, you know you will always have the best promotional staff for your project, without compromise.

As we grow, we haven’t lost sight of what is really important – a professional, commitment promotional staffing agency with the power of a personal touch.

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