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Roadshow Staff for Events

Take your brand to the consumers by using Roadshow Staff.  Road shows are a great opportunity to raise the awareness of your brand and generate sales.  It is fantastic for brand launching or testing a new product.  Our roadshow staff will make sure your potential clients touch it, smell it, and fully experience your new product or brand. They will deliver your brand directly to your target audience and offer one of the most efficient methods of influencing consumers and making sure your brand is firmly etched in their memory.

Roadshow staff deliver not only brand awareness  but also product knowledge. We have more than 7,000 people across the UK and we can work with you in small shopping centres up to to national arena’s.

Our road show staff are pro-active and will always position themselves where the heaviest footfall is.  They will work efficiently and ensure your products and brand are delivered to your target audience.

We will work with you and find out what your exact needs are then recommend staff with those skills and who will get you results.  We use local staff so you are not having to pay any expensive travel expenses but we are more than happy for you to book the same staff for a national campaign.  Whichever way suits you best we can accommodate you.

We will make sure you have the best possible team for the duration of your roadshow.

Road Show Staffing Services

Our services include :

  • Roadshow Staff
  • Roadshow Event Managers
  • No minimum or maximum number of personnel
  • Any size venue
  • If required help with logistics.

Providing Road Show Staff Nationally

Roadshows can take place anywhere at anytime, locations such as :-

  • Arena’s
  • Exhibitions
  • Supermarkets
  • Train stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Festivals
  • High Streets

Our enthusiastic and experienced staff cover all areas of the UK.  They can work by themselves or part of a team.  We can organise getting teams to the venue and setting up ready for the day to begin.

We will do whatever it takes to make the process a smooth one leaving you to deal with other important tasks.

If you need to hire road show staff then call 0844 800 0071 or click here to send us your requirements for road show staff.

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