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Create a Bolder, Bigger and Better Brand Experience at Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale shopping centre is THE place to be for your next promotional campaign or event. With an annual footfall of 42 million, the highest of any inner city centre, it is a shopping centre ripe for your brand to take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

But connecting with ‘some’ people is not enough. You want to engage, sell and connect to as many of your customer demographic as possible.

It takes effort, time and commitment, as well as more than a hint of talent, experience and know-how to connect with the public.

At Envisage Promotions, we understand that this is not something everybody can do which is why they only select the best promotional people with a proven track record to be on our books.

The combination of talent, experience and knowledge means that no matter what your project or event at Manchester Arndale, we are the go-to, make it happen experiential marketing and promotional staff agency.

How Envisage Promotions Make a BIG Difference to Your Event

Firstly, we understand what promotional services you really need and want…

Is it to maximise sales or is it to create a fun, vibrant, bigger and better brand experience? Is it to create an experience that creates a buzz around your brand or do you need professional sampling staff or demonstrators?

Secondly, we trawl our database and hand-pick the right people for your event…

Do you need promotional brand ambassadors to create a personal connection? Are you in need of themed or costumed performers? What kind of experience and knowledge will our promo staff need?

Thirdly, we work with you to manage our input as part of your event…

We do this by ensuring that our select team of professional experienced promotional and event staff have all the information they need, including props and uniform, if needed, before the event.

We do everything we can to make your event an amazing success!

Competitive pricing for a fantastic service

You would expect high-end promotional and event staffing of this kind to come at an eye-watering price. But with us, it doesn’t because…
•With a huge database of promo staff, event staff, sampling staff, performers, brand ambassadors nationwide, we have a pool of people local to Manchester Arndale thus, less of your budget is spent on travelling expenses.
•Our promotional service is bespoke – you pay for what you want and need
•Every aspect can be tailored including the number of people needed, the length of time you need them for and for the number of days, evenings or events.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Quotation Today to Hire Staff at the Arndale

All you need to do is contact our team on 0844 800 0071 or email us for a quotation for your next Manchester Arndale event.

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