Faster Payment Instructions

We can arrange payment within seven working days of submission of your invoice.  Assuming your invoice is correct and you have carried out the duties as per your booking confirmation then we can offer you a faster payment.  Please note that our payment runs are on a Monday only.  This is a service we offer at our discretion, it is not part of any contract.

If you require to be paid earlier than our normal 30 day payment terms, then you will need to discount as per below:-

Invoice Total £1-£500 = £5 discount

Invoice Total £501-£1000 = £10 discount

Invoice Total £1001+ = £20 discount

The discount must be clearly shown on your invoice so that we are fully aware that you want paying quicker.

For example, your invoice might show:-

Total £90

Discount for faster payment £5

Total to be paid £85

IMPORTANT – This service is per Job No. so if you include three different jobs on one invoice then you will be charged three times (charge for each job).

Working Days – The first counted working day starts from the next working day AFTER we have received your invoice, providing it was received BEFORE 3pm on that day.  For example, if you send your invoice before 2pm on a Monday, Tuesday will be the first working day.  If you send your invoice at 4pm on a Monday, the first working day will be Wednesday.

Payment Table Example
Invoice Submitted Date – BEFORE 3PM Payment Date
Monday 1st Monday 8th
Tuesday 2nd Monday 8th
Wednesday 3rd Monday 15th
Thursday 4th Monday 15th
Friday 5th Monday 15th

Please note if your invoice isn’t clear as per the example above and it isn’t obvious you want to take advantage of this service, then your invoice will be paid as per our normal payment terms which is within 30 days.

Please remember that we cannot be held responsible for your banks processing time.  All banks vary so we cannot guarantee when the payment will hit your account and whilst we will do our best to provide all faster payment request we cannot guarantee it.