Leaflet Distribution & flyer distribution

flyer distribution staff coventry

Envisage have thousands of professional, reliable and experienced promotional staff throughout the UK that can be hired for leaflet distribution.  Our staff can make sure you’re promotional and event material is placed directly into the hands of your target audience to make sure you get the full benefit of your flyer campaign.

We can cater for any type of promotion you have in mind for delivering your material including dressing our staff as costumed characters to help grab the public’s attention.  Our flyering staff can hand out your leaflets on the streets, at exhibitions, etc!

Marketing with flyers & leaflets with promotional staff

We work very closely with our clients to establish the exact results you are looking for with the leaflet campaign. If you want to hit as many potential clients as possible with a pamphlet handed out to everyone in the street, no problem.   If you have a particular target audience such as 25-35 year old females with young children then we will book the best promotional staff to get you the right results for that particular dynamic.

The calibre of staff at an event or on the street can make all the difference. We understand that our flyer distribution staff are representing your business the moment they engage with a potential client whether that be simply handing them your flyer or obtaining data capture for you to use.

flyer distribution staffPromotional Staff to hand out flyers and leaflets

We have enthusiastic, hard working and intelligent promotional girls and promotional boys throughout England, Scotland and Wales so the location of your target leaflet distribution campaign has no bearing on the event staff for you to hire.  Our staff have successfully distributed leaflets in shopping centres, town centres, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts and many other places with tremendous feedback from our clients on the amazing results generated.

To ask about our leaflet and flyer staff please call the events team on 0844 800 0071 or complete our on line enquiry form.


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