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What type of photographs should you supply to our promotional agency?

If you don’t have any professional photos then simple images are fine. We do not expect you to have professional photos. However if you have images of you doing promotional work, these will get you a higher rating which means you will get more emails offering you work.

The photographs you supply are forwarded to our clients as part of your portfolio.  These also give us, the agency, a good idea of your personality. Pouts, selfies, night out photos or random household items in the background we can rarely use.

Tips for supplying the right type of photo!

– Simple Snapshots Are Fine
– Keep make-up natural
– Simple clothing, nothing to over the top
– Never submit nude or glamour type photos
– Never supply your passport, banking details or driving licence. We will ask for these when and if we need them.
– Make sure that at least one of the photo’s have only you in it.
– Make sure the background is clear, many images we receive are taken in bedrooms with piles of clothes on the floors or other items.
– The best images are those of you working so some of these with another image of you by yourself are exactly what we are looking for.

So now you know what type of images we need, click here to complete our registration form.

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