hire temp sales staff to sell your productsAdvantages of sales promotional staff selling your products!

Brands run promotions for one simple reason: to make more sales quickly. When shoppers associate less cost with more gain, they’re likely to pull out their wallet. Using promotional staff to sell your products has additional advantages beyond simply closing the deal and increasing revenue.

Introduce a New or Unfamiliar Product

Without a promotional staff attracting potential customers, people might never hear about your product or service. When you spread the word about a product, you have the potential to sell it quickly, which is especially helpful if you’re ready to unload some items and restock your shelves.

Erase Doubt, Skepticism and Risk

During a demonstration or live training session, consumers learn about the product and how to use it. When customers can experience a product for themselves, they’ll no longer feel apprehensive about making the purchase because less risk is involved. Additionally, promotional staff can show consumers that the product is uncomplicated and easy to use.

Free samples have a similar affect. The consumer is able to use the product or service for themselves and then make an informed buying decision. If they love the freebie, they’ll want more of it. This eliminates the risk of spending money on something they don’t have any experience with.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Promotional staff can provide shoppers with the help they need. Customers can also be given information that will help them make an informed purchase. For example, if you have a speciality food and kitchen store, your promotional staff can hand out free recipe cards. Not only will shoppers appreciate the freebie, but they’ll be more likely to buy the ingredients and tools necessary to create the recipe at home.

When someone is looking for a gift for a loved one, your promotional staff can offer suggestions. Last-minute solutions are always welcome, especially when the shopper has no idea where to start. This is when things like audience-specific gift guides and postcards that list gift wrapping tips come in handy.

Another way promotional staff can make the shopping experience easier on the customer is by helping them navigate a large or crowded store. When a shopper knows what they want, they want to get it as quickly as possible. Promotional staff should know the layout of the store and where to find certain items, especially those on promotion.

Close Even More Sales

Promotional staff can be used to up-sell and cross-sell. For example, let’s say that a store has one specific item on a promotion, like a tablet. Once the customer has decided to take advantage of the discounted price for the tablet, the team member can suggest that they also purchase a case to protect their new gadget. Customers don’t always realise that they need an additional item to coordinate with their purchase. The customer gets more value from their shopping experience while the brand increases its sales.

Increase Traffic to Your Store

Retailers can increase traffic to their store by running a promotion. The more promotions a store runs, the more traffic they’ll see to their store, both in the brick-and-mortar space and online. As shoppers come in to take advantage of promotions, staff can be on hand to greet them. When staff members are tasked with signing customers up for free trials or discount codes, this helps build your mailing list. As customers leave, staff members can offer to take photos of happy shoppers, which can then be posted on the brand’s social media accounts and shared with the shopper’s network. When promotions last for only a day or so, customers know that they have to act fast to take advantage of the current offer. Plus, they’ll continue to check out your store to see what else you’re offering as the days go by.

Perform Customer Research

Promotional staff can help you gain insight into your customers by asking shoppers for feedback. Aside from handing out comment cards, promotional team members can stand in certain sections of the store and ask shoppers to make a choice between two products. This will help your company understand what it is that shoppers want.