Brand Ambassadors for Pandora’s Christmas store launch!

Promoting a new store opening or a new product range by hiring experienced brand ambassadors and promotional staff is a great way to really increase footfall during the grand opening.

We have provided street teams for lots of companies looking to generate a real buzz with the general public and have been lucky enough to work with Pandora doing just that at lots of stores across the UK.

Promoting the shops opening event during Christmas is a fantastic event and Pandora really wanted a team of promotional staff that would be relentless in approaching their target audience to not only get them into the shop but also to push their promotional vouchers.

The Brief, The Activity, The Result

The street teams we supplied Pandora were given the brief of engaging with as many people as possible who met Pandora’s target market. They wanted the promotional teams to approach the general public, talk through the store opening and show them exactly where the store was located.

If needed they would offer the extra service and escort them to the store chatting through the instore offers available and discussing the voucher which entitled them to a free gift when they purchased a certain level of goods that day. When arriving at the store the BA’s would introduce them to the Pandora staff and offer them a lovely mince pie as a thank you for coming into the store that day.

The footfall was huge during the three day event and this was down to not only the fantastic Pandora brand and jewellery but also the positive, proactive behaviour of the promotional staff getting people into the store.

Pandora were delighted with the success of the launch and have since turned to us for other launches across the UK.

Hire promotional staff for a store or brand launch!

Making the decision to hire promotional staff for any product launch or store opening is a huge step in the right direction to making the event a great success. We completely understand the importance of store launches and match the staff we hire you to the brief and duties you need them to carry out. To learn more on how we can help you with a new store launch promotional event feel free to give us a call on 0844 800 0071 or pop us an email. We will be delighted to hear from you.


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