promo staff cv show BirminghamCommercial Vehicle Show and Exhibition Staff

The Commercial Vehicle show at the NEC in Birmingham is one the largest business gatherings in the area, and perhaps even one of the top in all of England. It’s an event that brings together vehicle operators with commercial businessman and transporters. It’s more or less an elaborate networking event for the trucking industry, bringing two groups of professionals together to do business. Each event attracts as many as 20,000 attendees so it’s a golden opportunity to network, make sales, and get some more staff and clientele for your company.

It’s a large gathering of professionals in the industry and gives visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to collaborate and communicate for a mutually profitable future. There are many booths that provide workshops and opportunities to improve your skillsets as well as to gain more business.

Hire Hostesses & Temporary Staff for the CV Show

Recently we supplied both sales staff and exhibition staff to several clients who were in attendance. Our staff are trained to work sales booths and provide many other services you might need to stand out and do business. They are courteous and professional and trained in a wide variety of function you would potentially need at a trade show or exposition like this.

Staff members are trained in working booths and are excellent communicators so they will be able to greet visitors and answer questions as well to represent your interests with the utmost skill and reliability. Exhibitions and shows like this are a big deal and provide an opportunity to expand your business as well as to acquire the help and services you need. Our staff will make sure everything you need is supplied and things and run smoothly so you can focus on growing your business and doing what you do best. With the right people for the right jobs you can be on your way to a bright future for success in your trade.