BSB Envisage Promotional Staff SupplierEnvisage in Partnership with the British Superbikes

Envisage Promotions, a midlands based promotional staffing agency, has been celebrating winning an exclusive deal with the organisers of the British Superbikes to provide event staff for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

The British Superbikes (BSB) is a hugely popular motorcycling racing event in the UK, attracting more than 400,000 spectators in the 2017 season with live TV coverage found on Eurosport. The support for 2018 is expected to be even higher with the TV viewing live on Amazon Prime in the UK for the first time following a new major streaming partnership with Discovery to show its Eurosport channels for a monthly fee.

The BSB kicks off this year on the 31st March at Donnington park and runs right through to the finale at Brands hatch on the 14th October 2018.

So why is Envisage Promotions celebrating and more importantly, how did they get such as prestigious contract with BSB?

BSB Partner Logo_Envisage2About Envisage Agency!

Envisage was established in 2010 and has been providing a whole host of promotional and event staff to its clients during that time. Starting from humble beginnings in the dining room of director and founder Nichola Clydesdale the business has seen rapid growth during this time and the business now turns over more than 1 million a year with 10 people working from its office in Rugby Warwickshire, not to mention more than 20,000 event staff registered with them.

Nichola explains why working with BSB is so important to her “I have always had a close relationship with BSB. Before I set up Envisage Promotions I worked for a company that was the title sponsor at the time and I would attend all the rounds managing a whole host of things including the promotional staff. I had one of those moments when I thought “Why I am doing all this work for someone else, why not do it myself?”

So she did and worked two jobs while setting up Envisage Promotions working to build up the business to where it is now. Nichola continues “to now be working with BSB in my own right with my own business makes all the hard work by our team over the past 7 years worthwhile. It makes me feel incredibly proud and I feel like I have come home, a full circle journey and I cant wait for it all to start at Donnington on the 31st March!”

Nichola spoke with one of the decision makers at BSB who she new from the old days and they had a great catch up and talked about the possibility of Envisage Promotions being the exclusive provider of event staff for the 2018/19 season. “It just goes to show the importance of making the contacts, working hard with those contacts and always touching base with them just to see how they are and how they are getting on. You never know what opportunities can present themselves when you take the time to be interested in someone and what they are up to.”

So what next for the team at Envisage Promotions with BSB just a few weeks away?
The deal is done, the celebrations are over and now its time for the hard work to begin. Businesses across the UK know that feeling and can understand exactly where Envisage are. Where to start? Rory McKenna, who heads up the bookings team at Envisage, is responsible for ensuring his team book the right promotional staff , that they are well briefed and understand exactly what is expected of them at the BSB. “We are in a fortunate position really because we have lots of experience in providing the right person and not just a person . The key is to truly understand what your client wants from the staff we hire for them. Do they want someone to generate leads? Is it brand awareness? Is it handing out flyers? Every client is different so if we get the understanding right then the rest falls into place.”

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