Nationwide Event Staffing Agency11 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff

Event staff members are the face of your brand. They’re the ones who will initiate relationships with your audience. It’s contradictory that some event planners are decidedly careless during the hiring process, hoping to get through it as quickly and cheaply as possible. Successful events hinge on avoiding these 10 mistakes.

Hiring Without Interviewing

Never hire event staff without first interviewing them. Potential staff members should answer certain questions before they are brought on board. Plus, you’ll need to assess their presence to decide if they’re a good fit for the brand and event. If an in-person interview isn’t possible, speak with them via Skype or over the phone.

Spending Too Little

There’s a definite correlation between how much you’re willing to pay your event staff and the quality of work you get in return. Don’t try to cut corners by hiring inexpensive staff members. Experienced staff may cost more, but the return-on-investment is huge, because you’ll have reliable, professional people representing your company.

Not Insisting on Updated Materials

Candidates should be advised to send or bring in an updated resume. When hiring models, you’ll also want a recent photo. (Note that certain types of staffing jobs do not require or even allow for photo requests.) Current materials will help you determine if the applicant has the right credentials for the job and the appropriate image for the brand.

Hiring Based Solely on Appearance

When hiring for certain events, specifically those that require models, event planners have to take appearance into consideration. However, only hiring on the basis of appearance is problematic. Experience, temperament and professionalism should also influence hiring decisions. Well-rounded team members are better able to deliver the results you want.

Ignoring the Brand’s Image

Staff members aren’t just the face of the event or promotion, but also of your company. Keep the brand image in mind when choosing staff. Make sure that you’re only hiring people who reflect your vision. They will become your brand ambassadors.

Misunderstanding the Event

It’s nearly impossible to make smart hiring decisions if you don’t have a clear view of the event. First, find out how many guests will be attending. This will help you determine how many total staff members you’ll need. Then, find out details about the target audience, like their gender, age and cultural background, as well as what they’re interested in. Focus on hiring staff members who will best connect with attendees.

Failing to Consult the Team

Event planners may be in charge of bringing new people on board, but your current team members will be the ones who have to work alongside those new hires. Before making a final decision, consult your team. They’ll help you figure out if personalities will mesh or clash. In order to run a successful event, your team has to get along.

Waiting Too Long to Finalize Hiring

When it comes to officially offering the job to an applicant, many event planners put off the final decision for far too long. Even the most reliable interviewees won’t wait around forever before they look for another opportunity. Ideally, you should extend a job offer within one week. Anything beyond two weeks is so long that you could miss out on hiring a truly great addition to your staff.

Withholding Brand Information

Once you’ve hired your event staff, there’s no need to keep brand or product information under wraps. In order to effectively represent your company and engage with potential customers, staff members will need to be well-informed. Guests will expect your representatives to have answers to a variety of questions, both basic and in-depth.

Concealing Job Specifics

To make sure staff members continue working throughout the duration of the event, it’s important to be upfront about the responsibilities and downsides of the job. When you fail to prepare your staff for the negative aspects of the position, they could get overwhelmed and leave mid-event. Be honest with your team about their roles and what they should expect.

Staffing has a major effect on an event’s lead generation and sales. Dedicate time and attention when hiring team members.

Not Using a Professional Event Staff Recruitment Specialist

By employing the services of an professional event staffing recruitment specialist you will be able to ensure you get the right staff for your event. This is an area that Envisage Promotions can help you with. For more information about our event staff recruitment services call Envisage Promotions today on 0844 800 0071 or contact us online.

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