How to Attract Customers to Your Trade Show Stand

Every brand wants their trade show exhibit to become the most sought-after place to be for visitors. Exhibitors are always looking for new, creative ways to stand out. Let’s take a look at how you can attract customers to your trade show stand in order to create a high-concept booth that will attract a crowd.

Create a flashy, eye-catching attraction

Photography booths, prize wheels, money-blowing machines, gift vaults and interactive robots are both noticeable and amusing to guests. Engaged visitors will hang around to see an upcoming demonstration or wait their turn to ask you questions without feeling tempted to head to the next booth. When there’s a line for the attraction itself, your team can take the opportunity to chat with guests, find out their needs, talk about the product and gather prospective customer information. An easy way to collect e-mail addresses is by offering something in return. For example, ask people to signup for your mailing list by promising a next day online raffle for a large giveaway.

Hire a keynote speaker

Book a professional speaker that a lot of people at the event will want to see and then schedule him or her for a few slots throughout the day. Not only will your booth see an influx of visitors for the presentations, but when you sponsor a speaker, the trade show may help get the word out. Ask the speaker to adapt the presentation to promote your product or brand. Setup signage around the speaker to further promote your company, since everyone’s eyes will be glued to the same spot for the duration.

Setup an irresistible spread

Aromatic beverages and snacks, like coffee and fresh chocolate chip cookies, will attract people before they even see the buffet. Treats should be complimentary, but lead them through your display by setting up the goodies at the back of the exhibit. Guests will view your product information as they walk through and you can tell them more details as they nosh.

Make your guests the centre of attention.

Place two directors chairs next to the booth, in front of your logo. Take photos of guests in the chairs and let them know how to access the images online for free. Hiring a professional photographer is the key – people love flattering photos of themselves. If they like how they look, they’re bound to share the branded photo online, which will increase exposure for your company.

Pamper the customer

Brands that specifically cater to men or that are in the fashion industry can offer a shoe shining service. Attendees will be sitting at your booth for a few minutes, affording you the opportunity to chat with them.

Add elements of comfort

It can take a lot of time to make the rounds at a trade show and by the time people get to your booth, their feet may be aching. Setup the booth on a large rug that has extra padding and place a few comfy chairs around the exhibit. It’s also a good idea to section off a one-on-one area where you can talk extensively with highly interested visitors.

Live stream a news channel

Plenty of people from around the country may benefit from your trade show exhibit, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to attend in person. Engage those who are far away by live streaming video from the trade show to your website. Feature your staff members and show product demonstrations throughout the day. To attract people at the actual event, interview booth visitors for the channel.

Need more out-of-the-box ideas? Attend events, including those within your industry and a few outside your industry. When you notice a booth that’s attracting a larger-than-normal crowd, talk to the team about their approach.

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