hire event staff UKHow to Find the Perfect Event Staff

Hiring the right event staff is a major step toward making your next trade show event effective. Finding the right people for a job is never easy, but being methodical about hiring is always worth it. Your team should be in harmony with the trade show’s location, atmosphere and audience, not to mention your brand.

Here are seven tips for finding the perfect event staff.

Set goals for the event

Decide if you want your staff to be sales-focused or if you want them to entertain your audience. Goals will be partly influenced by the type of event you’re participating in or hosting. For example, an engagement or sampling event is often more experience-focused, while a trade show tends to be sales-focused. Your brand and the actual product you’re pushing will also affect your goals.

Estimate the audience size

The number of people at the event will help determine how staff will be able to engage the audience. Limited audiences mean more one-on-one interactions and small groups. Large audiences mean that you’ll need team members who can entertain a lot of people at once. It’s important to note that most staff members won’t be able to do both well.

To help determine who’s a good fit for the event, ask about their prior experience. Someone who’s worked in the front-of-the-house at a restaurant may be great with smaller groups while someone who loves performing may be better with large groups.

Decide how knowledgeable staff should be

There are all sorts of ways that team members could be knowledgeable prior to being hired. They may have in-depth technical knowledge about a certain field. Maybe they understand your specific product through-and-through. Some candidates may not know about your brand yet, but they may have a strong vocabulary when it comes to the industry. Others may know how to put complex processes into layman’s terms. Chances are you’ll need to educate your staff in some way, but if you can find people who are already familiar with the knowledge you need, that’s even better.

Interview candidates well ahead of time

Depending on your goals, you’ll need to find out if potential staff members are comfortable in small crowds or large crowds and if they’re better at entertaining or generating leads. It’s also important to assess their ability to be a brand ambassador. Personality comes through best during an interview, not a resume or head shot.

Keep a checklist throughout the interview to make sure you ask all of the questions you want to. This will also make it easy to compare candidates when you’re ready to make hiring decisions. Ask questions that determine if the candidate is right for the client, brand and location. Find out details such as:

  • The candidate’s work background.
  • Their knowledge about the product, brand or industry.
  • How willing they are to become a brand advocate for your company.
  • Their comfort level when it comes to interacting with different-sized audiences.
  • The flexibility of their schedule.

Pay attention to appearance

Expectations for the event should be partly based on your brand’s values and style. The look of your staff should match the company’s branding. For example, clean cut staff members in white shirts and khakis will clash with an edgy brand.

Be honest about your requirements

Always be honest and forthcoming with your staff about the requirements and expectations of the event. Will your team need to be on their feet for 12 hours, cheery and energetic the entire time? Tell them that. Certain workers may know immediately that they’re not right for the job and it’s better for both of you to find out ahead of time rather than midway through the event.

Maintain a staff member database

Keep a database with a running list of reliable staff members, the events they’ve worked for you and their strengths. When you need staff for a future event, you’ll have dependable people who you can call first. As you interview candidates and come across some who you like but who don’t fit the event, hang on to their information, too. They may be a perfect match for a future event.

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