hire-promotional-models-for-insomniaInsomnia59 at the NEC in Birmingham

Insomnia59 is a gaming festival being held at the NEC in Birmingham. Inviting all enthusiasts from the Gaming Culture to come together for showcases in music, technology and gaming. It is held on the 9th – 11th of December 2016.

The festival will include the latest in music, games, drone racing and more.

In the NEC Main Arena there will be tournaments held for drone pilots to compete against each other and show off their skills at championship level. Also in other arenas, there will be chance for robots to battle against each other at the same level with the appearance of international creators.

There will also be guest appearances from the technology and gaming industry, such as popular internet stars and celebrities from the music industry.

Insomnia first began in 1977 and it was the best way to play multiplayer games. This event gives the opportunity to bring your own computer and connect to others as you would at home, but being able to enjoy the experience with others and the atmosphere around you. There are special seating arrangements that enable you to connect your computer and compete against each other for a different type of multiplayer experience, whilst still having the opportunity to mix other areas of the festival.

Large companies such as Microsoft will also be showcasing new releases. This will give the opportunity for the people who attend to be the first to test all the new content and have friendly interactive experiences.

Last year over 66,000 visitors attended the events from all over the world. People who usually go to the events are mainly people who are interested in technology and gaming. There is something for everyone and people of all ages

Need exhibition staff for Insomnia?

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