comic-con-londonMCM London Comic Con

MCM Comic Con events are held throughout the UK and Ireland. They bring pop culture such as Gaming, Movies, Television, Anime, Comics, Toys, Gadgets and Clothing.

In the arenas there are areas for upcoming artists to present their work, which can include items such as YouTube stars, screenings of upcoming films, independent comic artists and releases of favourite games.

Comic Con will be held at the London Excel on the 28th – 30th of October 2016. Previously over 100k attendees have visited the convention and is available to people of all ages. The event is suited for families with the added bonus that children under the age of 10 can go free.

The event will include being able to see various different special guests, which can range from well-known directors and actors to popular YouTubers. Comic Con gives a chance to meet and greet your favourite stars of the entertainment industry.

Cosplay at Comic Con

The event also includes Cosplay and masquerade. Cosplay is a massive part of the event, which includes a lot of the visitors dressing up as their favourite characters. Such as favourite super heroes, anime or video game character. Costumes can range from just a mask to a full body outfit. There are events for Cosplayers such as different competitions and photo-shoots.

At Comic Con they will host game developers exhibiting their upcoming new releases. Visitors will be given the chance to try out and give feedback. This can be a good starting point for people who are new to the industry.

There are also events for online video and web fans. This features a chance to see famous creators showing their expertise from animations, vlogging, comedy sketches, live-streaming and much more.

Comic Con events happen 3-4 times a year in the UK at main arenas and therefore the events are not to be missed by anyone interested in popular culture. Many people return again and again.

Exhibiting at Comic Con & Need Staff?

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