st patricks day promotionsSt Patrick’s Day 2017

St Patrick’s Day is celebration of the patron saint of Ireland and a fantastic opportunity to guzzle down a few pints of Guinness. However, these celebrations are not exclusive to its origin, there are many other places for you to explore so that you can unleash the Irish within you. We are going to list 5 of the top locations to party this Paddy’s Day so all you need to worry about is getting there.

1) Dublin, Ireland – This is without doubt the most obvious location for a good old Irish celebration. Every year thousands of people flock to Temple Bar in their peculiar hats and Ireland flags painted on their faces to get involved with the St Patricks Day Festival. Whereas most locations celebrate St Patricks day once a year, Dublin puts on a 4-day spread for all to feast upon local culture and experience original live Irish music.

2) New York City, United States – There is a well-known fact that New York is actually the largest Irish settlement second to Ireland, and that certainly shows when it comes to St. Patricks Day. The parade that is organised to storm the streets is not to be missed, floods of people dressed in Ireland’s national colours line the street and once the parade is over it’s straight to the boozer for a tipple of the black stuff or maybe some Irish whiskey.

3) Belfast, Ireland – Regarded as the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is definitely worth a visit for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. It’s a great opportunity to inhale the Irish culture, be ore inspired by local musicians flaunting their talents and amazed by the spectacular parade running through the city centre.

4) London, United Kingdom – If you’re in Central London for St Patrick’s Day, your ears will be blessed with the sweet sound of traditional Irish Folk music and on display will be dazzling dance performances to inspire your own impromptu dance show. Keep an eye out for the Irish food markets too, where you can get your laughing gear around some delicious traditional delicacies.

5) Munich, Germany – Munich, famous for its Oktoberfest celebrations where 7.5 million litres of beer was consumed over 17 days, would not pass up on an opportunity to get another binge drinking affair in their calendar. For St. Patricks Day, the wonderful people of Munich switch their beer to Guinness and fill their steins with the black stuff in celebration of the Irish St Patron. The party is estimated to draw in crowds of around 30,000 people, you can only imagine how many litres of Guinness they are capable of consuming.