Are you going to be travelling alone? Here are some tips that may help you.

Number one: Always research the destination beftravelling alone tips, how to be safeore you start your journey.

A. You need to know the safest route, ensure you check what neighbourhoods and areas to avoid whilst travelling.
B. Ensure you check where the nearest hospital is, in case of emergency. This can always be helpful information for when you’re interacting with other local people or guests to the area you are working at.
C. If you are staying over in this location, read up on reviews of venues to ensure that you are staying in the best digs suited for you.
D. Check how long it will take you from your home to the work site or from the hotel to the site.
E. Parking/Pubic Transport – is there suitable parking for you or is there public transport that can get you where you need to go. CHECK TIMES! Car parks/Transport may have start and finishing times.

This is what you should do before you start your journey!!

Number Two: Valuables

A. Do not travel with anything you do not need!
B. If you are carrying a phone and wallet, keep them in your front pocket. If you carry a handbag have the strap over your body, with the purse in front of you.
C. If you are staying over somewhere, we suggest you pack a luggage bag with your clothes, but carry your valuable items in a day bag, which you can keep on you at all times.
D. Never put your valuables in a luggage hold, keep them on you always.


if you don't need it don't take itNumber Three: Watch what you are eating and drinking

A. This can be said whether you’re travelling for work or not. Do not drink alcohol before a shift. When you do this, your senses are dull and reaction time is a lot slower than it should be, which makes you and others vulnerable.
B. Always buy your own drinks or follow a person to the bar and see the transaction. You are only making sure you are safe. Be aware of what you are consuming and take drinks directly from a bartender.
C. We advise that you always ask yourself this question and stop drinking if the answer is yes: ‘Do I want to be in more control than I am now?’

Number Four: Spend more to stay safe

A. Always invest in your own safety. It may be an idea to take a taxi home late at night rather than walking through an unsafe neighbourhood or part of town you do not know.
Spend to stay safe!

Number Five: Check in with us regularly

A. Always check in with us when you arrive on site. This is so we know you have arrived safety and are ready to begin work.
B. Let us know how you are feeling regularly throughout the day. We care for your welfare and want to ensure that you are in a happy, safe environment during the working day.

If you don’t let us know what is going on, we won’t be able to help. Communication is key!!