Valentines day PromotionsValentine’s Day with a Difference

Looking for different ways to celebrate the month of love? You’ve come to the right place because we have the best ideas for harnessing the power of love and romance.

Valentine’s day is celebrated the world over, an opportunity to take time out from your busy schedules to let the significant person in our life know how much you care for, love and adore them.

Traditionally, you would do this by asking them to be your valentine. From red roses to signify love to a delightful card, there are many ways of enticing that special someone.

But if you want to do something different, try these ideas for size.

Want to propose this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s is the ideal time to make your commitment stronger by asking your partner to marry you. Ring at the ready, you could book a table at a high-end restaurant and have a bottle of champagne on ice ready for ‘the moment’.

Or, you could hire a flash mob. A group of talented performers would mingle at a pre-arranged destination and time. On cue, they will perform – sing, dance or both – surprising your loved one and give you the perfect setting to get down on one knee and pop that all important question.

A Valentine ‘pay it forward’

The book and film of the same name is about selfless charitable acts that make a difference in people’s lives. For some, Valentine’s is too commercialised and so, if you don’t want to spend piles of cash on expensive red roses why not pay it forward by giving time (or a donation) to a charity of your choice?

A great way to make a difference and we think that any partner will simply love the idea of their romantic story making a difference to someone else.

Tell Your Love Story

Another fantastic unique idea to celebrate Valentine’s day is to create a scrapbook of your memories as a couple thus far. You can make your own rustic-styled scrapbook, or you could use one of the many online book-making platforms that allow you to upload photos and add your own text. The result is certainly impressive!

How about some last-minute Valentine ideas?

These are a round-up of some of the best ideas for adding a romantic surprise to Valentine’s Day this year:

• Who wouldn’t love a spa treat? Even better if it is a couple’s day.
Love notes are a great way adding pockets of joy throughout the day. Add a sweet note in your partner’s lunch box, in their shoe, in their coat pocket…
• Treating each other like royalty adds a little fun to proceedings. Have a crown waiting for your partner when they arrive home and enjoy your ‘posh’ Valentine’s meal by candlelight.

Feeling the Love at Envisage Promotions

At Envisage, we are all about making an event extraordinary and that includes making people feel special too. As well as flash mobs, we have a range of talented performers who can the extra bit of special into your Valentine’s Day this year.