buzz marketingWhat is Buzz Marketing?

Knowingly or unknowingly everyone has played a marketer’s role whether it is by raving about the new restaurant in town or recommending a certain movie to a friend. We encourage others to try out a new experience or product which is a form of marketing.

Businesses such as restaurants, cafés and cinemas benefit from people talking positively about their services. Word of mouth is much better for the credibility of a business than advertising through print or television media. We are likely to trust another person’s word over a stranger’s in a commercial.

Spreading the word about a product or service is known as “buzz marketing” and it a highly effective form of marketing. Marketing professionals generate a buzz or hype around the brand to encourage people to talk about it at work, school or the dinner table. This is the idea behind creating bizarre and silly advertisements because not only do people discuss them but they also talk about the company being advertised as well.

How Do You Generate the Buzz?

The conversations could take place on smaller scales such as inside households or larger scales such as on social-media websites Twitter and Facebook. Keeping the conversation going by responding to the customer’s feedback can help generate a larger buzz and make the company remain the topic of conversation for much longer. Other tools used for buzz marketing are grand events that gain the public’s attention and become the talk of the town.

Buzz marketing can also take place on the street where people can be hired to dress up in costumes or perform elaborate stunts or dance routines to get people talking. They not only provide entertainment to people passing by but also advertise for the company they are hired by. They can distribute free samples, wear flashy outfits with the brand logo emblazoned on them or handing out flyers.

Companies big and small can use buzz marketing to target their required audience. However they need to hire marketing professionals to execute the campaign in a focused and sophisticated manner. There are many agencies available who can create the campaign and also provide promotional staff to help carry out the buzz generating activities.

Effective buzz marketing campaigns are the ones which employ the people who are considered influencers. These people have a large following on social media and their word carries much more weight than the average person. These opinionated people are leaders and trend setters which is why they are targeted to advertise the product or service. If the campaign is executed right, influencers can start a conversation on the company and people will follow their lead, adding to the buzz.

Envisage Promotions UK has experienced brand ambassadors who can generate interest in a company’s products or services. You can call us to talk to our staffing specialists about a buzz marketing campaign for your brand at any time.


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