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We have been working with coaches on and off for 3 years now.

The realisation of the value a coach can bring to your business became apparent a couple of years ago. After all, David Beckham did not get into the Man Utd team and suddenly not need further coaching because he was in the first team!

As business owners my partner and I needed direction and most of all we needed someone to be accountable to. Since working with Matt at Action Coach he has taken on not only the coaching roll but also, without really trying, the roll of our supervisor and we really needed that.

Matt has an amazing way of talking through what we need without actually telling us. It’s more him coaxing the information out of us which means during each session there is at least one real lightbulb moment….”That’s amazing…WHY have we not been doing that!”

We find sometimes our sessions can also be like therapy as we will be moaning about what our business has not done and how the pressures of running a business have been really difficult this week. Having the opportunity to off load to your coach and talk through how we can make things better has been a huge help.

Matt sets us targets, helps us monitor progress and talks through how we develop not only the business but also the staff and us as the owners. The weekly sessions are so important to us and Matt has quickly become a valued member of our team. The progress our business has made since we employed Matt has been phenomenal not just with increased revenue but with our company structure and how we manage the team better.

We would highly recommend any business owner taking on board Matt as their coach…. It’s the best business decision we have made this year.

Lee Murphy
Envisage Agency – Promotional and Event Staffing Company