New Year Health & Fitness Promotions Staff

When January comes around everyone wants to put behind them the turkey, the endless mince pies and sweets that they have overindulged with during the festive period.

January really is the time when everyone wants to get back to healthy eating and getting in shape.
This means January is absolutely the right time to hire promotional staff to help your business make the most of healthy buzz sweeping the nation.

Promotional staff and Brand Ambassadors make a huge difference in generating quality leads, capturing the right data you need, increasing sales and really help your business and your promotional event get noticed.

During the past six years we have worked with gyms and health food retailers across the country assisting them make the most of not only the January health kicks but other promotions during the year to get people into their premises. As you can imagine we have learnt lots of valuable information on how to make promotional campaigns of this nature work. So, here are our top tips for a successful January event to increase gym memberships and sales….

Be clear on your objectives – Why are you running this promotion?

Having a plan is the key. Be clear on how many people you want to sign up to your gym or which items you want to push in your health shop and talk this through with the agency. If hiring the promotional staff costs £X then you need to earn £Y in increased sales. The better you brief the promotional agency on the objectives the easier it is for them to find the right staff to help you reach these targets.

Don’t just hire beautiful promotional teams!

A great agency will educate you on this but try not to get lost in viewing hundreds of profiles and trying to find the “right look”. At the end of the day your focus is either increasing sales, generating leads or getting your brand noticed so don’t lose sight of this. The agency should listen to what you want and have the confidence to tell you what you need. After all, why else are your hiring a promotional agency but to take advantage of their knowledge and knowhow with arranging fantastic staff for your particular requirements.

Know your target areas

If you have a shop or a gym in the town centre but the town centre is always dead because all the local people go to a retail park 2 miles down the road then what use is it hiring the staff for the town centre? Get them down the retail park spreading the word and selling your wears. Too often we have phone calls mid event from a client saying the area they are targeting is really slow and can the staff go somewhere else. Take time to think this through before the event starts so there is no down or slow time.

Find out if you need permissions for flyering in the area

All local authorities have rules regarding street teams giving out flyers or collecting data. Contact the local authority and find out what they require for you to carry out your promotion. Some areas charge a fee, some do not and some will not allow it at all. This is valuable information to check before you spent money printing your promotional material.

We do hope these tips have helped and been a little thought provoking. If you need help at your next promotion we will be delighted to help you so feel free to contact us at any time.


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