Friday 13th FactsFriday the 13th – Origin and Fun Facts 

Friday the 13th – Origin and Fun Facts Happy Friday the 13th, do you think something bad is going to happen to you today? 

Well you are not alone as millions of people get over cautious on this day! Believe it or not only 12 movies have made about Friday the 13th. Fear of Friday the 13th has been named as paraskavedekatriaphobia, which afflicts 1721 million people in the US making it the most panic day in the country.

Seriously what’s the deal with Friday the 13th let’s talk about that. Where did the belief that Friday the 13th is cursed, come from? Friday and number 13th itself both are separate roots of causing fear. Check out these weird fun facts that made Friday the 13th eventually an unlucky day with some mystery in its history.

1. Many believe that the fear of this day came from the 13 guests present at the last supper with the Judas the Apostle who broke faith with Jesus was the 13th guest to arrive. Therefore thirteen is significant to Christians.

2. It has also been said that Jesus was crucified on Friday.

3. Few theologians are convinced with the fact that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on Friday and that the great flood embarked on Friday too.

4. One of the most known myths about origin is when French king Philip IV of France detained and burned ton of the Knights Templar on Friday October 13th, 1307.

5. The illusion and superstition about Friday the 13th is mainly arisen by Thomas W. Lawson’s famous novel “Friday, the Thirteenth” that came in 1907.

6. Other un-lucky event took place just before Halloween in 1989; the stock exchange of New York got smashed on Friday the 13th, with the fall headlong of Dow Jones with 191 points in a single day being the second worst in history.

7. For a month to have a Friday the 13th, it must begin on a Sunday. At minimum, every calendar year may offer one Friday the 13th and maximum three. So this year it will be two Friday the 13th, one held in January and other falls in October.

8. There is a superstition stating that if 13 people are dining for supper then one of the diners will die. In addition, Friday was supposedly the usual day fixed for public executions throughout the Britain.

9. It has been estimated that approx. 900 million dollars is lost in business on this unlucky day as people are scared of Friday the 13th so much that they prefer not to fly or do business deals that they normally do.

10. It was observed in 1989 that the virus massively leave numbers of IBM computers infected in the United Kingdom with the huge loss of data that was unable to recover that time. 

11. Also reported in 2010 about a 13 year-old boy who was struck by lightning at time 13:13 in England. It was also Friday the 13th.

12. According to science, Primitive people counted with their 10 fingers and two feet so their counting was limited till 12 and number 13 for them was huge mystery. 

13. A scared New Yorker Daz Baxter opted to stay in the bed to avoid any potential harm as it was Friday the 13th. However, death approached him by collapsing the six stories of his apartment block.

Worse and weird things happen each and every day of the year but incidents only get noticed on Friday the 13th due to its strong association with irrational beliefs. On a lighter note, what’s your unluckiest thing that came across you; you will be rewarded if that occurred on Friday the 13th. 

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