top travel tipsTen Top Holiday Packing Tips

We work with many holiday companies and provide staff at airports so we regular witness travellers with various issues.  You will find in our guide below ten helpful holiday packing tips.

1) Make your suitcase stand out
To make it easy to identify your luggage from decorate it with stickers or ribbons.
2) Use ziplock bags
You can group all your items such as your electrics, medicines, etc a lot easier in your case and they don’t weigh anything. Also prevents anything leaking onto your other items you wouldn’t want shampoo getting into your iPhone charger! You can use these too for shoes so your clothes don’t get stained.
3) Roll clothes
To save space and stop your clothes creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them.
4) Invest in Luggage scales
To avoid being charged extra luggage fees at the airport. Luggage scales enable you to weigh your bags before you leave for the airport (saves time too).
5) Makeup – Stop powder & eye shadow cracking.
Place a flat cotton wool pad in between the pressed powder and the lid to stop make-up cracking.
6) Keep a note pad
Use a note pad to write down anything you may forget (or use the Notes app in your smart phone) then when you go away next time you will be sure to remember. You can then add this to a master packing list.
7) Buy a lightweight suitcase
Buying a light weight suit case can save you 4 kilos of weight. Don’t go for the designer ones as they are normally the heavier ones and let’s face it your suitcase isn’t with you for very long!
8) To travel wear your heaviest clothing like coats and shoes. You won’t get weighed, just your cases!
9) Once you have finished packing, then have another look and take out at least a third. EVERYONE over packs.
10) Don’t pack things such as shampoo and conditioner. You can always get them and normally much cheaper. Most hotels now provide hairdryers and most certainly towels.

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