Christmas Special OffersTop Ten Christmas Promotion Ideas for Your Company!

It’s that time of year again and with Christmas right around the corner once more it’s estimated that billions will spent just in this short season. It’s something of a cash cow, this time of year, for many businesses. As such they are scrambling to cash in and enjoy their seat at the Christmas table. In particular, we can expect to be flooded by Christmas promotions over the next couple of weeks. So what are some idea that your businesses can use now before the season over, and the opportunity squandered?

1. Half off Deals
While 50% is a popularly touted number in this type of promotion the key is to offer deep discounts, especially ones most people can’t get at any time of the year. Make sure that you’re not offering the same discounts as your competitors or just trying to outdo them by small margins. Make your discounts unique and make sure you sweeten the pot for your “Best customers”

As for determining who those customers are, that’s mostly up to you. Most businesses choose to provide special bonus to top customers purchasing a certain monetary amount. This might include an entering into a drawing for a major sweepstakes giveaway, or perhaps a bonus or special prize.

2. Gift Cards
More and more companies are using gift cards and gift certificates, not just around Christmas but all year round. Gift card give your customer a great idea to give to another when they’re not sure what to go. They’re easy, they’re practical, and their convenient. You may let a gift card be as good as currency at your store, or may limit it to a certain stock or department. Either way gift cards also encourage someone else (the receiver of the gift) to also see what your store has to offer. They’re the gift that keeps on giving in more ways than one.

3. Christmas Themed Promotions
An extravagantly Christmas themed promotion will be sure to get attention/ What’s an example of this? Many companies like to do a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion in which certain goods are discounted on certain days, perhaps leading to a major discount or even a giveaway event of sorts.  You can even booked themed staff to dress as elves or other cheeky Christmas characters.

A timed and spaced out event like this will not only keep your customers coming back over a period time, but will expose them to more of your inventory, which they may not have explored before. Everyone wins.

4. Get them at Checkout
Engage your customers as they check with special promotions offered at the front of the store. You could for example provide an invite to a special auction for “best customers” only.

5. Custom for The Customer
While everyone loves free money they don’t love being told what to do with it. Your customers are unique and they’re own people and will appreciate it when offered choice. Consider adding promotions that provide blanket discounts on various goods. Provide your “best customers” to engage in a promotion that benefits them and gives them the flexibility to reap the rewards. Custom offers will show your biggest customers that you care about them.

6. Direct Engagements
Don’t wait for them to come to you. Your best customers can be reached out to via mail, email, or other contact info. Send them a personal message with a personalised discount or offer. Making them feel special will make also make them feel more like spending. Also, make sure you engage your best customers throughout the year, especially leading up to the season. Don’t wait until they’re planning their last-minute Christmas shopping. Make sure you’re always fresh in their mind, so to speak.

7. Exclusive Events
There are no two words that make your customers feel like the VIPs they know they deserve to be than “Invite Only” These specially tailored promotions will show your best customers that you’re paying attention. This could be something along the lines of a one-day event where everything is 25% off, but only if you’re on the list.

8. Special Treats for VIPS
Hopefully, you know what your best customers like. Just a gesture around this time of year may be just the push they need to do some more shopping with them. They might enjoy an invite to a Christmas dinner or a movie night, maybe sporting event. Whatever your “treat” maybe, just make sure it suits the kind of customer you are trying to attract. In other it should have something to do with the type of business you run.

9. Gift Hampers
Showing your appreciate for your most valued customers can be as simple as providing customer hampers. They can be extravagant or not, no need to show off in expense, unless of course you want to it. They’re a simple, but effective way to both show your appreciation and market your business and push your most valuable offers.

10. Collaborations
It’s not uncommon for businesses to team up, and isn’t working together a great way to express the holiday giving spirit? Businesses of varying types can work together to provide package deals and specially tailored offers that are perfect for the holidays, especially as most customers may be looking for more than just you alone can offer. It’s a great way to diversify your client base and make your company stick out.

And finally, in the spirit of Christmas, you may want to consider charitable contributions. Perhaps proceeds from a certain product could go to such a worthy endeavor, or you could host a fundraising drive right in the store. Either way you won’t just get that warm feeling inside, but also be boosting your company’s image while spreading the Christmas cheer.

If nothing else you know you’re giving of yourself, and spreading the goodness and joy of the season, and isn’t that what Christmas is about?

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